Saturday, April 17, 2010

Give It a Go!

"Give it at go": Commonly said, meaning “give it a try”. What a great attitude to have in life, don't hold back, just "give it a go"!
It was s nice to get away for Mid-Semester break, but this past week I got back full swing into Uni work. I had a presentation last Tuesday, have a paper due Monday, and two presentations the following week. I still can’t complain too much because while there is work to be done there is also plenty of play J!
Weekend Adventures:
Friday: I got breakfast at Hoochie Mammas, the cafe at my apartments with Emma. I love Hoochies; my goal is to try something new off of the menu each time I go there. So far I have not repeated, and I think I will probably end up trying everything by June! In the afternoon some friends and I went down to Darling Harbour to the Sydney Aquarium. We saw, sharks, manatees, crocodiles, giant sea turtles, penguins, Nemo, Dory, and a whole bunch of other fish. They had a where’s Waldo theme going on, and inside to the big aquariums they had little Waldo’s hidden. For the shark and Manatee exhibits we walked through glass tunnels and were surrounded by water with the animals swimming over and all around us.

After the Aquarium we went to the Lindt Chocolate Cafe on Darling Harbour. The three of us ordered three golf ball scoops of ice cream for $12. We each had a scoop and decided that although it was extremely over priced, it could have been the best ice cream we had ever had.

Saturday: Some friends and I went to the Glebe St. Markets (a boutique type market where local vendors and people bring their original clothing, crafts, and jewellery) to shop for a birthday outfit! I got a great deal on a skirt that was homemade by one of the vendors $15 which was previously $40! Woo I love bargains! On the way out of the markets we spotted some handmade journals that were made out of random pieces of paper, newspaper clippings, doilies, maps, and other miscellaneous materials. Perfect for my next journal because my current one is filling up fast!
 In the avo (afternoon) Emma and I watched the Olsen Twin movie, “Our Lips are Sealed”, which takes place in Sydney. I forgot how cheesy those movies are, but I still loved it, and it was neat to watch them go to places like Luna Park and shopping at Bondi. That night I put on my visor and went to work at Cold Rock!
Sunday: We did the usual Patty’s markets and grocery shopping routine. However, this week we skipped the cafe, because some of our friends from St. Johns College invited us over for Brunch at their dining hall. St. Johns looks like it is straight out of the movie Harry Potter. Their dining hall is just like the great hall, their dormitories look like you are in Gryffindor tower and for special events the students wear academic robes. Emma and I joked that we were surprised when owls hadn’t flown in to deliver our mail while we ate.
This coming week:
Tuesday is my 21st birthday!!! Ah I can’t wait. In Newtown, where I live, Tuesday’s are known as, “Tight A** Tuesday’s”, because all of the restaurants have good deals. So my friends are throwing me a birthday party and they titled it, “Betsy’s Tight A** 21st:” Since I am pretty cheap and thrifty, they thought it was ironic that my birthday fell on a Tuesday. On Friday night a smaller group of us are going to get dressed up, go out to dinner, and listen to live music down at The Rocks.
Thanks to all who have sent me birthday cards! I have enjoyed reading them and have them hanging up in my room!
Right now I need to stop procrastinating and get some Uni work done! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Cheers, Betsy   

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