Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tomorrow I leave to say Bula (Hello) to Fiji!!

I just read over my last post and realized how sloppily written it was...sorry!
With more time on my hands now that Uni work is over, I have been finding random activities to fill my days. Most people still have papers and exams, so I have been pestering them to entertain me during their study breaks. To keep myself busy I have started running more again, going on walks, helping my family plan their trip, planning my Fiji trip, and visiting cafes. I spent one afternoon making a facebook photo album “storybook” of my friend Emma’s fake engagement to Andy (The guy from Melbourne who drove us around and pretended to propose to her at the 12 Apostles). All of their friends got a huge kick out of it. I don’t think Andy will ever live it down! Success! And I’m pretty sure all of my friends were annoyed that while they were studying, I had way too much time on my hands to be making up fairy tales.
Yesterday, Emma and I took the ferry over to Manly Beach and then a bus to North Head where we would begin the Manly Scenic walk. From the North Head is located at the tip of the peninsula, in one direction we could see across to The Gap, Reserve Lighthouse, and the Harbour, and in the other was the Pacific Ocean. We had trouble finding the trail head, so we stopped and asked an elderly couple for directions. They explained directions to us, but apparently we didn’t listen very well, because 20 min. later they drove past and saw that we had missed the trail. They were so nice and ended up driving us to the start of the walk. Finally on the right track, we hiked through the woods, spotted a Bandicoot (an endangered animal that looks like a rat), ducked through an old stone wall, and walked along the coastal cliffs. It was a beautiful 65 and sunny day. Today marked the first day of Australia’s winter...I could definitely get used to a place that calls this winter weather!
After skyping with my family today...the next time I see them will be in person! I can’t believe how fast time flies! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!
Cheers, Betsy


  1. Did this go as quickly for you as it did on my end; it seems as thought I was looking for journal ideas for you! Wow! Time fly by so quickly!!! Keep enjoying!!!

  2. Oh my goodness yes. The time here has flown! This is going to be a massive scrap book :)!