Monday, March 22, 2010

Sepo in the City

Urban Dictionary: Sepo
American. (Australian cockney rhyming slang.) From: Yank> Tank> Septic Tank.
Happy Late St. Patricks Day!
I was surprised to learn that Australians do not make as big of a deal about St. Pats day. I said “Happy St. Patricks Day” to an Australian in one of my classes and she was like “Oh, its St. Patricks day?” Some friends and I went out to an Irish Pub in Newtown called Kelly’s to celebrate in all green attire! I also got to open my monthly letter from my Dad and received a St. Pats card from Papa and Pepe in the mail!

Weekend Adventures:

This past Friday I had my first field trip for my Outdoor Education class. I went with a group of 20 other classmates which included students from England, Chile, Sweden, Israel, and the US to Royal National Park. Located an hour south of Sydney, it was nice to get out of the city bubble for a day. At the park we did a 5 mile hike through bush and coastal sandstone cliffs. Half way through the walk we stopped at a beach for lunch and a swim. My favourite part of the day came at the end when we went swimming in a fresh water pool overlooking a valley. The water felt so refreshing because it was a scorching hot day!

For my Sports Leisure and Youth class I needed to interview 3 kids between the age of 8-14 in who participated in swimming, field hockey, or athletics (Track and Field). The Little Athletics New South Whales state championship was being held at Sydney Olympic Park. So on Saturday, my friend Michelle and I got up bright and early to go watch the meet. I interviewed 2 girls and 1 boy, all 14 years old and members of the previous year’s national team. After spending some time at the meet we checked out ANZ stadium where the opening ceremonies were held. Outside of the stadium were polls that had names of people who had donated money towards the Olympics and I found a few Reedy’s. I had my first Australian Subway, and I don’t know why but I couldn’t get over how good it was (sweet onion chicken teriyaki ha yum!). Ok enough about the subway. After lunch we went swimming at the aquatic centre and then walked around the sporting centre where events such as gymnastics were held. Near by the Olympic Park is an outlet mall called DFO where we went to shop, but got there close to 5 and it was closing at 6. I will definitely need to make a return trip there...I love bargains!!! Later on I went out with some friends in Darling Harbour, which was beautifully lit up at night!

Since we went to the track meet on Saturday we had to postpone our cafe/market trip till Sunday. This week’s cafe was the Broadway Lounge. I had pancakes with strawberries and whip cream and of course coffee! Another successful trip to the markets, I got to open my Sunday letter from my Mom, had some free bbq, and went to Coogee Beach...great day!

Other Stuff:

I had my first few days of work at Cold Rock. It went well and each time I got a free ice cream...this could be dangerous!

Later this week I plan on making eggplant parmesan...I’m not really sure how to, but I’ll Google it. Anyone have tips?!

My friend Emma went to New Zealand this past weekend. She went sky diving and climbed mount doom (the mountain in Lord of the Rings where Frodo needs to go to destroy the ring). Her pictures were beautiful! I really hope I can make a trip out there!

I submitted my first paper today. It was a film review of the Australian film, Looking for 
Alibrandi. The movie is set in Sydney and it was neat to see places I’ve been on screen! It’s about a 17 year old Italian girl who is searching for her identity in her final year of High School. I enjoyed it and would recommend it if you’re looking to watch an Ausie film!

Alrighty..I think that’s all for now! Love and miss everyone!

Cheers, Betsy

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